Tuesday, 18 August 2015

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The Google spam filter can at times mark good emails as spam. It is a good idea for users to regularly check the contents of their spam folder to see if it contains important emails.

If you want to prevent emails from a particular domain (e.g. the school domain @bisphuket.ac.th) ever being placed in spam then follow the steps to create a filter that will do this.

  1. Open GMail and go to Settings (from the  drop down menu under the "cog" icon.
  2. Select the Filter tab
  3. Enter the domain in the FROM box
  4. CRITICAL if your email is also in the domain then add -youremail (there is a minus sign before your email address, which removes it from the search, otherwise every mail you send will also appear in the Inbox)

  5. Click "Create Filter"
  6. Select the option "Never send it to Spam"
  7. Click create filter
Those emails should now never go to spam, but remember those from other users may still be placed in the Spam folder so continue to regularly check that folder.


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