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Sharing Settings in Google Drive

It is a good habit to periodically check the share settings on an object are correct.

There are two different methods for sharing an item in Google drive, both are accessed from the Share option (right click on a object or the Share button in a document)

Firstly every item has a Visibility setting. When you create a document this will always be set to the system default (currently Private). When you look at the sharing screen this is the top item in the list and the options are largely self-explanatory.

The following guidelines are recommended:
  • For documents or folders intended for teachers use visibility should be Private
  • For documents or folders intended for student access visibility should be set to People at British International School Phuket with link
  • Only in rare circumstances should Anyone with the link or Public on the web be selected. In many cases such documents would be better placed on the school website
Secondly people can be invited, invitees are either View Only or Can Edit. These people can always access the document regardless of the visibility settings. When a new object is created it inherits the invited people from the folder in which it is placed

To assist with controlling permissions a variety of groups have been created and these should be used whenever possible for invitations. When group membership is changed so is access to folders without any additional work, where access is granted by name then any change has to be implemented separately on every folder and document. (Note these groups are not for email use currently)

  • Staff documents placed inside the BISP Academic staff folder: BISP Teachers “View only” and ICT team “can edit”
  • Do NOT grant access to any external email addresses.
  • Keep the list of invited people as short as possible by using groups.
Groups currently defined:

AEN staff

Arts Teachers

ICT Team

BISP Teachers

Boarding Staff

Computing Teachers


DT Teachers

English Teachers


Humanities Teachers



Little Ducks Teachers

Maths Teachers

MFL Teachers

Nursery Teachers

PE Teachers

Primary leadership team


Primary Teachers

Reception Teachers

Science teachers

Secondary Teachers

Secondary Leadership Team



Thai Teachers

Year 1 Teachers

Year 2 Teachers

Year 3 Teachers

Year 4 Teachers

Year 5 Teachers

Year 6 Teachers


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