Wednesday, 5 August 2015

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Currently Microsoft are in the process of releasing a new version of Office for Mac, Office 2016 for Mac. At the time of writing Microsoft are no longer supplying new versions of the previous Office for Mac 2011, and currently the only access to Office 2016 for Mac in Thailand appears to be by subscribing to Office 365.

Although its importance is decreasing and it is not essential, BISP does still recommend that students purchase a version of Microsoft Office. Currently options for doing this are:
  • Some shops still have copies of Office 2011 for Mac available, but these are not at educational prices and it is outdated software.
  • Purchase a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, an annual subscription to Office 365 Home edition is Baht 2499 per year and provides licenses for 5 computers (belonging to 4 different users). Purchase link (Thai language)
  • Register for a 1 month free trial of Office 365, hoping within one month Microsoft will release other versions of Office 2016 for Mac.
Students are provided with Google Apps for Education accounts giving access to Google Documents, Google Sheets and Google Presentations. These online applications can be used in most instances instead of Office and in some cases are preferred. All Macbooks are also supplied with the iWork Office suite from Apple, which again can often be used in place of Microsoft Office. 

For students who have purchased Office 2011 for Mac previously there is no need to upgrade. The new version does contain some additional features, but nothing that is essential for school use.