Wednesday, 11 March 2015

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Many of the interactive resources below can also be shared with the students to improve their English / other language comprehension, 

Presentation on WHY use technology? and resources for ESL 

Every Student has a blog from years Little Ducks to Year 9. Please let Jon or Simon know if you are interested in having students blog in your subject.
Here is an example of a Year 8 blog. The student is currently blogging in Science and ICT. After surveying the students 80% preferred blogging in place of using their exercise book.

APPS / WEB 2.0
Great looking resource for older students 

Duolingo & Memrise will remind students if they haven’t studied that day (encourage them to add it to their phones / tablets etc). The software is designed to optimise memory retention of the vocabulary. This is also available on their laptops via the web.

            Duolingo - there is a course  for Russians Learning English

            Memrise is also an app and mac based language learning software. This, like Duolingo, 

Storybird - students can collaborate a book together, or by them selves then publish it to the world to get reviewed.

Don’t forget Quizlet for flashcards and games.

Useful site with games, flashcards & worksheets is also very useful for key words- easy for students to create (see below)

If you are currently not integrating - start small. Choose one from the above to introduce, once comfortable having the students use that, add another.


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