Tuesday, 18 November 2014

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This past January, the Economist set off alarm bells when it noted in a story on the future of work that 47 percent of jobs were
at risk of becoming automated in the next two decades. Telemarketers.
Retail salespeople. Commercial pilots. Economists. Even actors and
editors. Like it or not, the robots are coming, and sooner or later
they’ll probably come for your job. “Humans Need Not Apply,”
a new mini-documentary from C.G.P. Grey, tackles just how wide-ranging
the repercussions of automation could be in the labor market going
forward. “This stuff isn’t science fiction,” the narrator explains in a
staccato, robot-esque tone. “The robots are here right now. There is a
terrifying amount of working automation in labs and warehouses around
the world.” That includes Google’s self-driving cars and bots trading on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as computers writing fan fiction and composing classical music.



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